From the Transom in the Hall
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From the Transom in the Hall

Years ago one Christmas Eve Night,
I was so excited 'tiI I couldn't sleep,
so out the bed I jumped instead,
hoping to take a peek.

holly and candle

I went to wake my baby sis, and through the hallway we did go,
but on coming to the living room, we didn't go in,
for there was this song playing on the radio.

I couldn't help wonder what was going on,
so to the transom I went instead.
I climbed the ladder, peeped through the glass,
and tried to hide my head.
Gosh-O-Gee what a site to see; there was mom and dad,
just a-singing and a-dancing, beside our little Christmas Tree.

treedancing couple

They'd sing
one two three - one two three
Merry Christmas, I love you
one two three - one two three

music notes

I whispered gently to my baby sis saying she had to come-n-see.
Then up the ladder she went in a flash,
and with eyes open wide she began to laugh.

I pinched and shushed her, not wanting mom and dad to hear nor see,
as we watched as they waltzed, beside our little Christmas Tree.


The music played on-n-on and finally the song did end,
then both mom and dad sat at the table
and talked 'til God knows when!

There was eggnog-n-cookies, and enough laughs for all,
while sis and I sat watching from the transom in the hall.

After awhile, toys scattered 'bout,
mom and dad started dividing them out.
One corner for me and the other for sis......
Could Santa be the man that our mom just kissed?


Their job had now ended, the lights grew dim,
so down the ladder we did go.
We ran to our beds and covered our heads,
hoping they'd never know........

That we'd seen our mom waltzing with Santa
across our living room floor,
while they thought we were peacefully sleeping
behind our bedroom door.

Then slowly the doorknob turned, and much to my surprise,
there was Santa Claus and mama looking down at me,
as I pretended to close my eyes.


Both Santa Claus and mama kissed me on the cheek,
thinking I'd been in bed all night and hopefully, sound asleep.
Then to sis' room they made their way,
and kissed her gently then walked away.

We all awakened on that Christmas Morn, early at the crack-of-dawn,
and to the living room we did go.
With smiles on our faces we went to all the right places;
pretending we didn't know.

What a wonderful Christmas we shared that year...
Thank God we didn't fall, while watching our mom dance with Santa,
from the transom in the hall.


Author: Agatha Weeks
Copyright 2006


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